For the Love of Art

“As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.”

~John Lubbock

Whether you are an artist yourself or strictly an admirer of beautiful things, we believe in cultivating an appreciation for pieces and places that draw you in, inspire, and leave you the slightest bit breathless…

When pursued, art shows us the brilliance of being alive–the beauty or pain of what is, the creativity of what could be, and the full expression of life as shared by the artist. From handiwork in nature to sculptures or paintings that stand the test of time, we believe beauty and imagination expressed through craft is a wonderful thing.

Being human means we have an innate desire for beauty, and through art, we touch both the value of the maker and the made.

Cities have their modern or classic galleries and markets to fill a day with inspiration. If you live more rurally and can’t make the jaunt, small towns often have artisan fairs or local artists and makers with unique stories to tell. With any bit of searching you could find some unique ways to enjoy beauty in your area. Perhaps invite a chum to enjoy it with you.

If you have little ones, there are often many fun and affordable ways to cultivate an appreciation for the arts at an early age, even if it’s just the freedom to cover a space with color and paint.  You never know how you or they may be inspired.

However busy your days may seem, don’t forget to pause and admire the pieces of beauty that have been created or pursue the mediums and methods you love to make them yourself.

What type of art would you like to explore more? We would love to hear about it.


Here’s to your discoveries,

Virginia Dare Dress Company

National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC | Photography by: Rebekah J. Murray


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