Making Time for Friendships



Making time for friendships

It’s a funny truth: what seems urgent isn’t always what’s most important. And yet, so many things feel urgent on a daily basis, don’t they? It can be easy to swing from one pressing task to the next, go to bed, and then repeat. Planning and enjoying a beautiful day with friends can initially feel frivolous. Afterward, though, we find ourselves walking away with such renewal, a new spring in our step, and the realization that meeting with kindreds was just what we needed. There’s just so much beauty and joy in it!…

Having community (specifically the in-person kind) is worth the work it takes. Too many of us struggle with feeling isolated or lonely, and we should remedy that pronto! Inspired by other’s strengths, we can also share with them ours. And really, there’s just something about having a fun reason to get a bit dressed up, wear those shoes, try a new hairstyle, etc… Pair with a fun event and sweet friends: what could be better?

We recognize that for some of us, social events can feel draining or nerve-wracking. Even still, with all our misgivings, nothing lifts our spirits quite like time with friends we can laugh and frolic with. And while we all have pressing tasks and needs that seem to fill so many of our waking moments, we know that time with kindreds may just be one of the most important. Whether it involves putting work aside, wrangling the littles, or both, let’s keep sharing life together, and making beautiful moments to remember always.

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