Local Adventuring

“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”

-Brian Andreas

As delightful as it can be to travel abroad, there’s something lovely about enjoying local shops in or near our hometown…

It reminds us to slow down, look people in the eye, appreciate what is in front of us, and maybe even hear the story of why the owners started their business. When we do this, we are choosing to invest in our community and intentionally being a part of it beyond just sharing a zip code.

Finding adventure close to home is a delightful skill that holds such lovely rewards. And when it comes to shopping locally, it is likely that we’ll find quality products that are made with thought and detail. Delicious little spots that support local farmers and gardeners assure that we taste some of the freshest (and perhaps a smidge healthier) fare. Just look at the darling personal touches of Mom’s Apple Pie in Old Town Leesburg.

Sweet corners and a thoughtful piece of pie are always worth making time for, we believe. So slip into your best and take a jaunt around your town. Please do share your near-to-home adventures with us!

[Annie is 5’ 4” and is wearing the Samantha (small/short).]


For all your daring and whimsy,


VDDco. Team


Photography by: Rebekah J. Murray Photography


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