Kindred Interview: Lydia-Jane

flattering and comfortable black, peplum blouse
I recently had the opportunity to study luxury fashion and art in Paris while using it as my gateway to travel Europe.

I think I can describe my style in one word: black. It’s my go-to color, and it gives me such confidence! It’s my staple color, and it’s never failed me no matter what phase of fashion I’m going through.
While abroad, my typical day has been filled with traveling to new places or wandering the streets of Paris while eating yummy food. I love to explore, so I always try to make time for that (and squeeze in time for school lol).
I think the people closest to me would say that I’m genuine and a dreamer. They know that when it comes to me, they get exactly what they see. I’m terrible at hiding my imperfections or my feelings, so I’m always open with them. As for being a dreamer, I’m always thinking about where God is going to take me and sharing my dreams with those closest to me is so special.
I love a good blue sky. It automatically lifts my mood and makes me feel like I can do anything!
I’m always talking about how I’m going to get to change the world one day and how I’m going to use my talents to do it. It’s the thing that excites me the most, so I’m always eager to share my plans with whoever is willing to listen.
I was drawn to VDDCo. because of its genuine mission of encouraging women through fashion. Their mission matched mine, so I felt an instant connection to the brand. I’ve always believed that modesty was something that should empower women and not hinder them, so seeing a brand that sought to do that was so refreshing and I knew I wanted to join in!
flattering and comfortable black, peplum blouse
flattering and comfortable black, peplum blouse

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