Dress-wearing in Paris

Dresses for Paris

There is beauty to be found in all cities of the world, and there’s no place (we think) quite like Paris. To walk down the streets in your favorite dress with like-minded friends: what a dream! We love watching friends like Alicia Bruce pursue their goals and find ways to make fantastic trips a part of that goal…

Depending on your life circumstances, making a jaunt to somewhere like Paris may seem far-fetched or impossible, but with a bit of planning, saving, and proper timing, you may just find yourself wandering around the Eiffel Tower looking for pain au chocolat. Creating a plan and making small adjustments to your budget could get you a ticket to the romantic city and perhaps a stay at the darling Hotel Henriette.

We hear that the best time to roam Paris free of tourists is in the early hours of the morning. Have your dress laid out the night before, and get up just after the sun peeks over the horizon. After viewing the main attractions (the Louvre or Arc de Triomphe, anyone?) be sure to take a minute for tea and jotting down a note to your loved ones back home.

By the way, our dresses are perfect for Paris any time of the year. They go fabulously with berets, scarves, jackets, and comfy flats for your daily excursions. Embrace the city of fun, fashion, and love. Feeling your very best is what dress-wearing is all about! Oh, and twirling, it’s also about twirling.

And we can think of no better place to twirl than in Paris.



All photographs: Alicia Bruce & Beryl Young



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