Picnic Club

“The story, from beginning to end, I found again in a heart of a friend.”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If we have eyes to see, beauty and splendor are remarkably accessible. They are found in many places, including nature and just the slightest bit of preparation and thoughtfulness…

It’s easy to see pictures of various events and wonder if it’s doable. But it totally is, chum! Invite friends, gather flowers, prepare food (ask others to bring their favorite treat), and throw down some blankets. Add sunshine, and you’ve got one simple recipe for a lovely day.

In September the Virginia Dare Team hosted a fall potluck picnic at a historic garden estate during a team weekend. We all work in different aspects of Virginia Dare and we’re learning this new world together, spread out from San Francisco to Charleston (with Florida, Texas, and Indiana in between), and the rest of us here in Virginia.

Bringing beauty to real everyday life is important to us. We can create a setting where friendships are made and there’s such a beautiful spark of life to that. Something about being out of doors with ambitious and kind souls, all a bit dressed up, reminded us that we have so many opportunities to make the most of a Friday. Here’s to many more picnicking days and the realization that beautiful things are so often within our reach.

Virginia Dare Dress Co.

Photography by: LaRue Photography, Rebekah J. Murray Photography



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